Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GIRLSTUFF / Solique made?

Girlstuff and SOLIQUE polish is made in France but conceptualized and created in the Philippines.

Is Girlstuff and Solique safe to use?

Girlstuff and Solique Nail polish is safe to use on the nails. Girlstuff and Solique nail polish is 5-free. This means that all our polish do NOT contain any of the 5 harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish: TOLUENE, FORMALDEHYDE, DI-BUTYL PHTALATE, CAMPHOR, AND FORMALDEHYDE-RESINS. Our polish does not damage nor cause yellowing of nails.

Are your polishes safe for kids?

Yes. Girlstuff/Solique polish does not contain any harmful chemicals. The washable polish are specially designed for younger kids because they can be washed off with soap and water. However, our regular polish are also safe for kids.

How can GIRLSTUFF polish be removed?

Girlstuff recommends our ACETONE-FREE nail polish remover to remove Girlstuff Nail polish. GIRLSTUFF ACETONE-FREE nail polish remover is also safe and does not dry nor damage the nails.

Do we need to use a UV lamp when using SOLIQUE GEL POLISH?

No. Solique Gel polish cures under natural light when the GEL TOP COAT OR UV-GLOW GEL TOP COAT is applied to the GEL SHADES. The Top coat contains a photo-initiator that activated the curing of the gel shade and the top coat into a strong reticulated film.

Instruction Guide
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Can we use SOLIQUE gel polish with other top coats?

No. We only recommend that you use SOLIQUE GEL TOP COAT OR UV-GLOW TOP COAT with SOLIQUE GEL SHADES. The SOLIQUE Line is meant to be a system.

Do you ship to international addresses?

We are still in the process of finding a courier to ship outside the Philippines. But do send us an email with your shipping address and we will try to find a way to ship to you.

Do we need to use a special chemical to remove SOLIQUE GEL POLISH?

No. SOLIQUE GEL POLISH can be removed with any nail polish remover. We highly recommend using our ACETONE-FREE Gel Polish Remover.